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Tulips Planting tips in Tropics – Indonesia

Dear Friends,

some of people asking me regarding Tulips Planting tips, so here we go….

Planting in Tropical areas, Tangerang – Indonesia

Received Tulip bulbs on 18 March 2014

As you can see the bulbs has emerged it’s root!

I got them with their shoot, so I don’t have to chill them in the fridge, but if your bulbs have no sign the shoot yet may you store them in the fridge first for 8 to 12 weeks (if you receive the bulbs in September ).
By the way this is how they look after several days, recorded on 25 March 2015

I have planted them at temperature around 18 to 20C max. probably 23C that’s ok (and of course at office indoor with air conditioner). I regularly bring them out to get morning sun around 6 am to 9 am only.
I use only regular potting soil mix.
This is it, one is nearly full bloom. Recorded: 3 April 2014



2 flowers in one stem

Noted: Their growths may varies depends on the healthiness of the bulbs too besides sun exposure and temperature.


  1. Due to the lack of my office Air conditioner temperature, sun exposure (because I left them at the weekend in the office with no air conditioner and of course indoor so the bloom not last for a week.
  2. Always maintain the temperature and sun exposure.
  3. Window sill is the right place to put the bulb if you live in apartment (they will get temperature and also sun without you have to bring it in and out, just rotate the pot regularly every 2 days that’s ok.
  4. If the plant finished blooming, let it go dry and looks like die. Without our notice, they turn into dormancy while perform offsets from the mother bulbs. Just keep the temperature cool, otherwise they will shrink and flat and we will have no bulbs for next year. My suggestion, we can try to put the bulb and the pot in the fridge, check it out regularly for moldy.
    Actually I have failed to get the offsets because the weather is hot and my aircon is under maintenance. And I have no aircon also at home at that time. So I lost them (hopefully will get bulbs again from someone someday) 😀
  5. Bulbs are more like onion, just remember when it cool, it’s fresh and even live in the fridge. But when they’re hot they are flat.
  6. No need fertilizer / chemical fertilizer. The bulbs already had nutrition to growth inside.
  7. You can also give a try to plant the bulb with glass and pebbles. one or two bulbs and put them in the fridge, and let see how they do. Remember the water only touch root area only, unless they easily to get rot. This is how hey look in my fridge, I can assure you they are rooting so fast. And again separate them from vegetables and fruits!

    Watering tips,
    ONLY once in two days, or if you look the soil gets dry only. Not overwatering. And Watering only the soils not the bulb just to keep them cool. Check also for moldy, if you see them clean them a.s.a.p with a little alcohol using tissue or little fabric.

Well I guess that is the little tips which I can share with you, I am just amateur gardener who is always would love to learn and experiment. For the planting tips I read much from google and try them autodidact.

Don’t worry about the fail today because in the next days you will get success.
Hope your plants grow vigorously and have beautiful flowers.

If you have any questions don’t be hesitate to contact me via

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